Cyclades , Greece


Cyclades never cease to amaze every traveler with their sense of calamity and relaxing rhythm of life, their crystal-clear waters for swimming and of course their unique white and blue architecture.
Welcome to Sifnos, an island that respects tradition, is famous for its gastronomy and pottery, and is ideal for any visitor who wishes to experience special moments. There are 366 churches in Sifnos, more than one for each day of the year. You will immediately recognize them with their characteristic white color and blue domes in the picturesque villages, the highest peaks and the coasts of the island. The Church of the Seven Martyrs, which is located just outside Kastro with the Aegean Sea embracing it, is the one that will charm you.
Sifnos is a beautiful island that will fascinate you with its history, its culture, its cuisine, and of course its people. Apart from the lively port city, Kamares, and the historically important settlement of Kastro, in Sifnos you are going to see the beautiful villages of Apollonia and Artemonas. The ancient monuments as well as the pottery workshops that exist throughout the island and throughout the centuries are the proof of the island’s long history. You can discover every corner of the island by the trails, a unique network of routes, which lead to beaches, churches, monuments, towers, and picturesque landscapes. They are ideal for every traveler who wishes to explore the island from end to end, step by step. In each step you are going to feel that you come closer to nature.
Sifnos is the cradle of Greek cooking. As you wander around the alleys and paths of the island’s settlements, the smells that gush from the houses and local taverns will whet your appetite. Sifnos is the hometown of the great master of cooking and chef Nikos Tselementes who taught many generations of chefs. Among the variety of traditional dishes that you should try are the traditional pastries and of course the famous Sifnian chickpea soup.The blue Aegean Sea embraces the golden beaches of the island offering you a magnificent sight. Sifnos’ beaches promise to every visitor moments of relaxation. Whether you like more crowded beaches like Platis Gialos, which has been awarded with the Blue Flag of the European Union for many years, or prefer calmer beaches, the feeling will be the same. That of serenity, which every person needs to feel when he comes in contact with the ”clear and blue”, as the Greek poet Kostas Varnalis has said, sea.