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The villa at the “Vrissi” site in Sifnos is a point of reference of the Cycladic architectural tradition and without any doubt of natural beauty. Its spaces embrace you and fill you with respect for the Cycladic sensitivity and civilization. It is a house that gives the impression that it is curved in the rock like a proud eagle’s nest. This is the house of architect “yannis” restored a few years ago with a lot of taste, love, and the help of local craftsmen and builders of Sifnos. The villa is the epitome of Cycladic elegance. Built with respect to the natural environment of the island and in perfect harmony with the ground, having as dominant elements the local stone and wood, it impresses externally with its aesthetics and creates feelings of relaxation and bliss. In addition, the interior design, and the use of approximately the same materials as the exterior, gives the feeling of continuity and the identification of the interior with the exterior.The traditional Cycladic architecture with some modern touches is evident throughout the house. The white color of the foam of the sea waves, combined with the earthy shades of the wood, the spacious rooms and the sophisticated decoration guarantee the absolute sense of peace and tranquility to the residents. For a pleasant musical note on your holiday, you can play the piano that exists in the villa, so you can have fun with your loved ones. In the exterior of the villa overlooking the blue of the Aegean you will feel the connection with the Sifnian nature.

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